Lwala Celebrates

a Decade of Impact

Learn about our accomplishments and impact over the first decade.

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Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday

Watch our video, produced by Health eVillages, and learn about our effort to reduce under-5 mortality by 64% compared to the regional rate.

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2016 Maternal and Child Health Impact Report

Learn about our approach to caring for mothers and children and how it’s impacting the health of our community.

Watch Our Hospital Expand

Take a tour of the Lwala Community Hospital expansion.

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Empowering the Daughters of Lwala

Learn more about girls education programming in Lwala.

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Our Vision

Wholeness of life in Lwala and Beyond


  • 98% HIV-exposed infants testing HIV negative at 18 months

  • 300% Increase in family planning since 2011

  • 89% Access to improved sanitation

  • 64% Decrease in under-5 child deaths

  • 5,049 Households visited by a CHW

  • 97% Women delivering at a health facility

  • 64% Increase in girls mentored

  • 47,000 Total patient visits in 2016

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