For Mothers’ Day – Support a New Mom

Our mission is to build the capacity of the people of Lwala to advance their own comprehensive well-being.

For Mothers’ Day – Support a New Mom

In Lwala’s community, 95% of women are delivering their babies with a nurse in a safe health facility.

That’s big change from several years ago, when only 26% of moms had access to safe deliveries. New moms have this support because of you – helping us build a new maternity health wing on the Lwala Community Hospital and mobilizing intensive door-to-door outreach to pregnant women.

Support a new mom this Mother’s Day. You’ll give the gift of a safe delivery and a robust range of services including prenatal care, education on health and nutrition, and a good start to a new baby.



  • 2,584 Monthly Patient Visits

  • 459 2015 Babies Born

  • 1,200 Girls empowered

  • 180 Kenyans employed

  • 5,155 Students with Clean Water

  • 1,107 Patients on HIV Care

  • 1,234 Farmers Trained

  • 40 Student Scholarships

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