3rd Annual WASH Tournament kicks off in Lwala

Our mission is to build the capacity of the people of Lwala to advance their own comprehensive well-being.

3rd Annual WASH Tournament kicks off in Lwala

With support from our partner Blood:Water Mission, the 3rd annual WASH sports tournament is underway in Lwala! Around 600 people attended the first day of the 6-day tournament yesterday to spectate and interact with the different services being offered.


In order to play in the tournament, team members must complete a 4-day WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) training and show proof during follow-up of a latrine and hand-washing station at their homes. This year, there are approximately a dozen mens soccer teams, 4 womens soccer teams, and several womens volleyball and net ball teams.


Aside from the sports competition, there are a variety health education and mobilization activities that are organized and staffed throughout the week at the tournament. Community members are selling locally made soap while WASH items like biosand filters, t-shirts, and soap are being raffled off. Lwala Community Alliance staff have also set up tents for HIV testing and education on family planning. A large number of people visited the tents on the first day, particularly youth from 18-24 years of age.


We are looking forward to several more days of the tournament!



  • 98% HIV-exposed infants testing HIV negative at 18 mo

  • 300% Increase in family planning since 2011

  • 89% Access to improved sanitation

  • 30% Decrease in under-5 child deaths

  • 5,155 Students with Clean Water

  • 1,107 Patients on HIV Care

  • 1,234 Farmers Trained

  • 30,000 Total patient visits in 2015

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