Connect with a Lwala Mama Through Kangu

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Connect with a Lwala Mama Through Kangu


Carolyne, a Lwala mama who was fully-funded through Kangu, is due with her 3rd child on Dec. 17.

This spring, we started partnering with Kangu to better connect mamas in Lwala with those who care about them in the U.S. Kangu is an online crowd-funding platform, which allows individuals to fund a specific pregnant woman’s access to clean, life-saving healthcare services. Safe birth services include: prenatal/antenatal care, skilled attendance at delivery, emergency obstetrics, postnatal care, diagnostics, and supplies – including family planning method of the mama’s choice, if she so chooses.

So, how does it work?

  1. MEET A MAMA: Meet pregnant mamas from Lwala who need healthcare services.
  2. DONATE TO SUPPORT HER CARE: Donate $10 or more to fund healthcare for mom and baby, and become a part of her birth story.
  3. RECEIVE AN UPDATE: Kangu will email you an update after the birth.

CLICK HERE to meet the MAMAS OF LWALA and provide them with a safe delivery today!