Letter from Milton Ochieng’

Wholeness of life in Lwala and Beyond

Letter from Milton Ochieng’

Dear Friends,

At the end of March, my wife Laura and I traveled to Lwala with our daughters – 3.5-year-old Ma’lee and 1.5-year-old Madeleine. I was very excited to show my two little girls the place where I grew up.

Milton and family 2016

During this most recent trip, Ma’lee got sick with diarrhea. She spent about a week in pain, dehydrated and feeling miserable. After accessing treatment at the Lwala Community Hospital, I was walking out carrying my tired and sleepy girl on my shoulder, when one of the other parents at the hospital came to greet me. I said, “I, too, have a patient here.” I felt a oneness and connection that comes with being a parent and wanting to take care of your children. They were seeking the same thing that Laura and I were seeking for our girls – good health. It was a great reminder for me that no child deserves to die because of where she or he was born.

On my 4th night in the village, I helped deliver a baby girl who was in respiratory distress shortly after birth. The mother looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Is she going to live, or should I call my husband and the rest of the family to have them get ready [for the funeral]?” I fought back tears as I stood there thinking of my own two girls. This mother deserved to bring back a bundle of joy to her family. So, we worked feverishly to resuscitate this baby, suctioning her little nostrils and giving her supplemental oxygen. As the life-giving oxygen flew into her precious lungs, her heart rate increased. A decade ago, she would have perished! But because she is now part of our over 97% of babies being delivered under the care of a skilled attendant, she lived!

A decade ago, we dared to pursue our father’s dream of building a clinic. We dared to dream of hope in the dark. We dared to dream of children surviving and thriving. We are aiming to reduce the under-5 mortality by 50% of the regional rate because we know EVERY CHILD DESERVES A 5TH BIRTHDAY.

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Fred and Milton

Please join us in writing the rest of the Lwala story as we honor the dreams of the children of Lwala.

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