Kenya Doctors’ Strike and Its Cost to Health in Lwala: A Special Appeal

Wholeness of life in Lwala and Beyond

Kenya Doctors’ Strike and Its Cost to Health in Lwala: A Special Appeal

Dear Friends,

Beginning in December 2016, the doctors in Kenya participated in a nationwide strike that lasted 100 days. Many people suffered as a result of this strike, especially the poor who rely on government facilities for health care. All Lwala clinicians remained in their posts, going to great lengths to meet the demand.



The strike paralyzed services in all public hospitals. Patients were being turned away from government facilities and most private facilities demand were payment before providing care. Lwala never turns away a patient. As a result:

  • The number of patients seeking care at Lwala hospital increased beyond our planned capacity. We responded by hiring temporary staff and ordering higher than normal supplies of medicines and consumables.
  • Lwala hospital refers complicated cases, such as patients needing surgery, dialysis or blood transfusions. With public hospitals out of service, our only referral points were the more expensive private facilities, resulting in a heavy cost of referral.

We are thankful for all of  you for allying with us during this crisis to ensure that all patients reaching Lwala received the care they deserve. Your continued investment in our community is contributing to wholeness of life in Lwala and beyond.

In Solidarity,

Julius Mbeya, Managing Director


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