Technology Systems Fellow

Wholeness of life in Lwala and Beyond

Technology Systems Fellow

Lwala Community Alliance
Technology Systems Fellow
Reports to: Community Programs Director
Location: Based in rural Western Kenya
Compensation: Monthly stipend, travel, plus accommodation and meals


Organizational Background:
Lwala Community Alliance (Lwala) is a community-led innovator proving that when communities lead, change is drastic and lasting. Lwala village, a small community in rural western Kenya, founded the organization as a response to extreme health challenges. The region experiences some of the highest HIV, maternal mortality, and infant morality rates in East Africa. As such, community members built their area’s first health center.

From these humble beginnings, we are now the largest provider of health services for a population of over 30,000. The work extends far beyond the original hospital as we support communities in their homes, schools, and farms to advance their own comprehensive well-being. We address the complex causes of poor health through a multi-dimensional strategy, which engages community members in driving their own change.

The Technology Systems Fellow is a 1-year fellowship intended to be filled by an American young professional early in their career. The successful candidate will work alongside the Monitoring and Evaluation Fellow, as co-fellows. Both fellows will be accommodated onsite at Lwala, in our guesthouse.

Lwala Community Alliance’s M&E team has been growing over the last few years to support and strengthen the organization’s high quality programming and to carry out research on Lwala’s successes in the region. Lwala is growing its data management systems and is working to carry out rigorous research simultaneously. This fellowship position would largely focus on the expansion of data systems, building off of the work of the current Technology Systems Fellow, and would also include assisting the Systems Administrator with management of data quality, integrity, and feedback to program teams.

Another aspect of the M&E fellowship would be to support team members and local community health workers in growing their technological literacy. Helping to build the capacity of team members in Kenya in their ability to use cutting-edge technology will directly benefit the overall programmatic capability at Lwala.

The Technology Systems Fellow will sit within the Monitoring & Evaluation team and report to the Community Programs Director in Kenya and the Impact Manager in the U.S. The Fellow will work closely with the M&E Officer, the Systems Administrator, the Data Assistant, and the Public Health Coordinator but will interact with nearly all staff members of the organization.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Participate in the ongoing development of Lwala Community Alliance’s data systems:
    • Contribute to the build out and integration of data systems, including Salesforce, electronic medical records system, and mobile data collection. Provide guidance and leadership in the next steps of the process, collaborating closely with other members of the M&E team.
    • Participate in training the Kenya team on utilizing and developing the data systems, including training on data entry, data management, building and running reports, data visualization, etc.
  • Participate in program evaluations and research at Lwala.
    • Help to develop program evaluation tools and structures for new and existing programs, including building survey tools and data collection processes, and providing feedback to organization and program leadership on results to guide decision-making.
    • Participate in the Lwala Community Alliance Annual Household survey, in terms of developing survey tools and carrying out analysis of results.
    • Provide support to the M&E team on integration of evaluation results with other ongoing monitoring, data analysis, data visualization, etc., always ensuring that evaluations are integrated with existing data management systems at Lwala, particularly Salesforce.
  • Learn and provide support to Kenyan staff on the following systems/processes, besides Salesforce:
    • Excel – data collection and management support and data analysis support
    • Dropbox – file organization, version control and management for productivity
    • Photo taking, storage and sharing – training and support
    • Web-based platforms – Instagram, Kangu, etc.
  • Assist in donor reporting and proposal development as it relates to data and research. Work with the U.S. team and program teams to write progress updates, both on specific indicators and on overall program progress. Work with the Kenya and U.S. teams to write aspects of donor proposals related to program outcomes and indicators, and program ideas.
  • Work with relevant Kenyan staff on developing writing and story-telling capabilities to assist in donor reporting, proposal development, and general communications.
  • Assist with hosting visitors to Lwala, including Board members, donors, peer organizations and Vanderbilt students at points throughout the year
  • Other responsibilities as mutually agreed upon with supervisor


  • Background in computer science, technology systems, and database management or development
  • Proficiency with languages such as C++, Java, JavaScript, or Python
  • Background in research, data analysis, and/or development of M&E systems
  • Experience in community development programs, internationally is preferred
  • Some experience living in a developing country, preferably Africa
  • An ability to learn quickly and take initiative
  • Patience and resilience
  • Self-motivation and resourcefulness
  • Proven ability to work with teams to build capacity in technical areas
  • Successful experience working with people from different cultural background
  • Some extracurricular interests to engage in with community members or independently (sports, outdoor activities, writing, drawing, etc.)

To Apply:
Please send the following to Helen Chalmers at

  • Current CV/resume
  • Letter of Interest detailing related skills and experience
  • 3 professional references with name, title, email, phone contact, and relationship to the applicant