Wholeness of life in Lwala and Beyond



Job Title Community Health Systems Director
Department Leadership
Reports to Managing Director
Job titles of persons supervised
  • Community Health & Scale Manager
  • M&E Coordinator



The position is responsible for providing overall leadership in designing and executing program growth strategies; scaling successful models aimed at influencing practice among peer replicators and  government. The Community Health Systems Director will lead program strategy and growth, steer external relations and partnership development.



R1. Leadership and Strategic Management 

T.1           Provide leadership and accountability in the management of community health programs.

T.2           Support the implementation of LCA’s strategy 2020 and business plans.

T.3           Spearhead the development, implementation and periodic review of operations plans, management plans, budgets, work plans and activity schedules to ensure effective delivery of community health programs.

T.4           Ensure prudent use of resources entrusted to the department.

T.5           Provide overall technical support in program management to the Kenya Leadership Team.

T.6           Ensure effective participation and contribution to the Kenya Leadership Team and other management organs.

T.7           Evaluate business risk status and ensure suitable mitigation strategies are in place and functional for disaster recovery and business continuity.

T.8           Facilitate training and capacity building of staff in Community programs.


R2. Programme Management

T.1           Provide overall leadership and oversee the implementation of program activities in Community Health- Maternal Child Health, Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV, WASH, Nutrition and Partnerships.

T.2           Spearhead the development of program/project work-plans and track program/project progress to ensure delivery as scheduled.

T.3           Ensure understanding and compliance with guidelines, policies, procedures, structures and systems on program management and implementation and other relevant aspects of operations.

T.4           Establish and ensure compliance with quality standards by all staff in the department.

T.5           Ensure timely submission of accurate periodic program reports (monthly/quarterly/management).

T.6           Keep abreast with changes and developments (shifting specialist knowledge, technological, and paradigm shifts – methodological or developmental) that relate to program work and apply what is relevant to enhance program initiatives.

T.7           Ensure understanding, interpretation and implementation of government policies and regulations that are applicable to respective program thematic areas.

T.8           Ensure compliance with terms and conditions of any agreements and contracts entered into with donors and partners.

T.9           Ensure all programs and projects are designed and implemented to the highest standards possible and in line with LCA’s values, strategy, guidelines and protocols.

T.10        Facilitate the development, implementation and periodic reviews of program standard operating procedures for all program areas and activities (e.g. program documents, work plans and implementation plans).

T.11        Ensure high quality programs by reviewing performance metrics with the Monitoring and Evaluation team and employ use of data for decision making.

T.12        Orient Lwala programming to a wider goal of systems change

T.13        Position programs to be in line with global and national commitments such as SDGs as well as national and county government priorities

T.14        Keep abreast with changes and developments in the political and policy environment that relate to program work and apply what is relevant to enhance program initiatives.

T.15        Spearhead the documentation and communication of Lwala’s model for the purpose of influencing government and other civil society organizations

T.16        Facilitate training and capacity building of staff in engagement with the county government and other public agencies.


R3. Capacity Building, Advocacy and Government Engagement

T.1   Develop a strategy for supporting Migori County government’s health priorities and act as a technical partner to advance the County’s health strategy in line with Lwala’s mission

T.2   Ensure good public relations and promote visibility of Lwala’s work on a local and national level

T.3   Build and maintain productive relationships with key stakeholders including government ministries, departments and agencies, NGOs, private sector organisations and foundations

T.4   Build a pipeline of peer organization that Lwala could support to replicate its community led health model

T.5   Represent LCA in relevant forums at the county and national levels and actively seek avenues of influencing government and peer organizations to learn from Lwala’s model

T.6   Develop and maintain a network of peers and professional contacts for exchange of ideas and information


R4.  Finance Management and Reporting

T.1           Responsible as the budget holder for the financial performance of the Community health and ensure development of annual budgets and management of monthly budget execution, monitoring, control and reporting.

T.2           Maintain procurement protocols for each team to ensure efficient and ethical purchasing of supplies, equipment, and service contracts.

T.3           Work with Impact Manager and Finance Manager to ensure timely grant reporting.

T.4           Keep track of program/project spend (including burn rate) and advise on monthly and quarterly status to the Kenya Leadership Team, Team Leads and Program staff accordingly.


R5. Relationship Management 

T.1           Develop and maintain productive relationships with stakeholders, beneficiaries and local community, donors,            government departments and agencies, NGOs, private sector organisations and foundations.

T.2           Participate in hosting visiting partners to ensure positive experiences.

T.3           Serve as point person and manage relationship with specific donors and partners as assigned from time to time.

T.4           Develop and maintain a network of peers and professional contacts for exchange of ideas and information.

T.5           Ensure good public relations and promote visibility on the work of LCA.


R4.      Grant Management and Proposal Development

T.1              Look out for and advise the Managing Director and Engagement Director on any grant opportunities that are consistent with the organization’s mission and strategy

T.2        Provide technical input into the development of grant proposals to various partners.

T.3   Induct community health teams to the grants transition and management standard operating procedures and ensure compliance with the same.

T.4   Serve as point person on program heavy partnerships or as designated by Executive Director and Managing Director (i.e. Blood:Water, PPFA)

T.5   Ensure timely and accurate reporting on grants

T.6   Maintain respectful relationships with the donors and partners and cultivate a culture of respect for donor funds.


R6.  Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

T.1           Ensure effective use of monitoring systems to track and report on program/project activities and results

T.2           Work with M&E team and put in place monitoring and evaluation framework and system including tools, data collection and analysis, dissemination, and sharing and learning.

T.3           Facilitate training and capacity building of program staff to improve knowledge in M&E and specifically management of data and information to support program work.

T.4           Coordinate baseline surveys, external assessments and evaluations.

T.5           Disseminate and use evaluation findings and follow-up implementation of evaluation recommendations.

T.6           Monitor program implementation through regular contact and field visits.

T.7           Responsible for identifying opportunities and mechanisms for program improvement based on monitoring and evaluation findings in collaboration with program staff.

T.8           Ensure documentation and dissemination of appropriate case studies, experiences, best practice and lessons.

T.9           Encourage sharing of learning and experience within the program team, across the organization and with like-minded/peer organizations.

T.10        Support documentation of successful program interventions and codifying practice for sharing with external audiences.

T.11        Support development of success indicators that provide the basis for evidence based lobbying and advocacy.

T.12        Ensure documentation and dissemination of appropriate case studies, experiences, best practice and lessons

T.13        Encourage sharing of learning and experience within the program team, across the organization and with like-minded/peer organizations.


R7. Management of Staff

T.1           Provide effective supervision of staff in the department and ensure smooth coordination and management of day to day activities of the department.

T.2           Facilitate training and capacity building of staff in program management.

T.3           Support in the recruitment and selection of staff in the department

T.4           Provide guidance and direction to supervised staff and ensure that they work in an environment that encourages and promote teamwork, efficiency and excellence in service delivery and build good relationship with the other departments at LCA ensure holistic achievement of goals and objects, as a unit.

T.5           Establish effective communication within the department and the wider organization with clearly defined communication channels, lines of reporting and authority.

T.6           Actively communicate the vision and mission of the LCA and inculcate culture and values of the organization to all staff.

T.7           Proactively develop and employ practices that lead to staff retention and motivation to stay with LCA within and beyond their initial contract periods.


R8.          Undertake any other assignment as may be directed by the Managing Director from time to time.


(The knowledge, skills and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience, or on-the-job training)

a.         Level of Education/Academic Qualification

  • Must have a Master’s degree in Public Health, Development Studies, Social Sciences or any other related field.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in the related field with proven work experience may be considered.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, Development Studies, Social Sciences or any other related field required

b.    Experience

  • Leading program strategy and design of social justice-related work
  • Technical assistance, capacity building or health system strengthening experience, particularly with government entities
  • Domain experience in healthcare delivery and/or community-based health programming

c.   Knowledge & skills

  • Understands government systems and how to influence policy processes
    • Strong knowledge of policy and regulatory environment in which civil society organizations operate
    • Strong communication and public relation skills
    • Strong English writing ability
    • Strong networking and relationship building skills

d.   Characteristics

  • Entrepreneurial mind-set with an ability to set an ambitious vision and lead a team in achieving it
  • Must have initiative and be able to work with minimal supervision
  • Mission alignment – the candidate sees themselves as more than an employee
  • Must demonstrate strong leadership, strategic and business management abilities
  • Strong analytical, dynamic thinker
  • Result oriented

 e.        Specialized Training/Professional Qualifications

  • Post graduate diploma in project management, monitoring and evaluation or development studies or related field.
  • Training in leadership and management.

 f.         Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required      

  • Must demonstrate strong leadership, strategic and business management abilities.
  • Good knowledge in financial and resource management including budgeting.
  • Strong skills in monitoring and evaluation.
  • Strong communication and public relation skills and proposal writing experience.
  •  Knowledge of Project Cycle Management.
  • Strong analytical, communication, dynamic thinking skills and result oriented.
  • Excellent technological orientation and change management.
  • Must have good interpersonal relation and team orientation.
  • Must have initiative and be able to work with minimal supervision.

g.        Relevant Work Experience

  • A minimum of seven (7) years progressive relevant experience in development work (At least 3 years in senior managerial position)



  • Managing Director
  • Kenya Leadership Team
  • Executive Director and Board Programs Committee
  • Program staff
  • M&E staff
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Donors
  • Partners
  • Collaborators
  • Peer organizations
  • Health institutions
  • National Government Agencies
  • County Government
  • Representatives of Other agencies
  • Consultants
  • Any other stakeholders



The job is performed in accordance with standard procedures and guidance with occasional need for independent decision. Consultations with the Managing Director and the Kenya Leadership Team are made where necessary.



The job provides responsibility for financial, human and material resources. The position is the budget holder for Program department.



Working Environment

The job is conducted in an office setting with regular field visits and also occasional visits to stakeholders and government agencies. The position provides ability to work under intense pressure and multi-tasking.

Occupational Hazards

The work performed presents risk exposure to Job – related hazards in a challenging but stable political and security environment.



I hereby confirm that I have understood my role very clearly, and that my performance will continually be judged against those roles, as herein stipulated.




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