Wholeness of life in Lwala and Beyond


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Lwala Community Alliance. We admire and respect your desire to make a difference in the world.

Volunteering in the U.S.

Currently our greatest need is for domestic volunteering. If you live near Nashville, St. Louis, or Boston, there are regular activities in each of these cities needing volunteer help. However, no matter where you live, there is something you can do! Please email Allie Benton allie@lwalacommunityalliance.org for more information and to be added to our volunteer list.

Volunteering in Kenya

At the present time we are not taking volunteers to Lwala, Kenya, for three reasons:

1. Our Lwala programs are fully staffed by Kenyans. We bring in appropriate training and resources as needed for personnel growth and professional development.

2. The Lwala Community Alliance is a small organization with few staff and limited financial resources, which are devoted primarily to community-based projects. At this time, it is impossible for us to divert staff time and organizational dollars to coordinate volunteers or manage them in the field.

3. It is imperative that any volunteer who comes to Kenya have a positive learning experience, as well as offer something constructive during their time in return. We are not in a position to facilitate such an opportunity due to our limited staff that could serve as a liaison between the locals and foreign volunteers. Due to language and cultural barriers, such an intermediary is essential in this region.

Lwala Program with Vanderbilt University:

The Lwala Community Alliance has an ongoing collaboration with Vanderbilt University and serves as a specific partner site for student learning and faculty research. This program is limited to a few participants each year who are connected to these Vanderbilt initiatives and meet the following requirements:

  • You must demonstrate significant prior international experience working, researching, or volunteering in the developing world
  • Your skills and experience must be tied to a project need that has been named by the community and staff leadership at the Lwala Community Alliance
  • You must be able to self fund or be supported by a grant to travel and live in Lwala
  • You must participate in an organizational orientation in Nashville and agree to be directed by the Kenyan leadership once in Lwala

If you meet these requirements please direct your inquiries to Marie Martin at the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health (marie.h.martin@vanderbilt.edu) and copy Katherine Carpenter (katherine@lwalacommunityalliance.org).