Wholeness of life in Lwala and Beyond

“6 Guys Who Think Girls Can Change the World” featured on ONE’s blog

By James Nardella, Executive Director of Lwala Community Alliance Traditionally, men have been on the sidelines in the struggle to advance the rights of girls and women around the world. That’s why the #HeforShe movement – which calls on men to be activists and allies in addressing the disproportionate hurdles girls face – was a [...]

Featured in The Huffington Post: “Heirloom Healthcare for the Poor”

Executive Director James Nardella shares his reflections on “heirloom healthcare for the poor” … You can go to any chain grocery store in the United States or Europe and find conventionally-grown tomatoes year round. They always look the same no matter the season and are available in convenient locations. They are grown in a greenhouse [...]

Forbes Magazine article on SOCAP features Lwala

Andy Bryant, Executive Director of the Segal Family Foundation, shares in this Forbes magazine article on SOCAP, examples of Place-Based Innovation. He notes, The Lwala Community Alliance model “has been identified by the Clinton Foundation as exemplary and will be replicated by other health care providers, including through Segal Family Foundation’s Health Network — a [...]

USAID’s NOPE features Lwala in national newsletter

This past year, Lwala Community Alliance, along with 9 other civil society organizations, received sub-contract funding from USAID and NOPE (National Organization of Peer Educators) on a institutional strengthening grant project known as Fanikisha. Specifically, Lwala partnered NOPE to enact a program called Tumalize Ukimwi (“Let’s Finish AIDS”). The primary objectives of Tumalize Ukimwi were [...]

Kenya Education Fund Founder Features Lwala in Huffington Post Article

Bradley Broder, founder and executive director of Kenya Education Fund, a partner of Segal Family Foundation, features Lwala Community Alliance in an article he wrote for the Huffington Post titled, “Wiggle Room: Making a Case for NGO Partnerships.” Take the example of Lwala Community Alliance, an NGO with incredible results in reducing infant mortality and [...]

Kenya’s NTV features Lwala farmers

Kenya Television NTV recently featured Lwala farmers trained by our partner, Development in Gardening. The farming group allows local women living with HIV to learn organic farming techniques in order to provide for themselves and others in their community.

Lwala’s Mentorship Programs Featured as Innovation for Ending Violence Against Girls

Together for Girls wrote “Six innovations for ending violence against girls” for The Guardian, and featured Lwala Community Alliance’s mentorship programs as one of these innovations. Create mentorship programmes for girls in and out of school: Mentorship programmes offered by organisations like the Lwala Community Alliance in Kenya not only help keep girls in school [...]