Wholeness of life in Lwala and Beyond

Poisoned Baby Odhiambo Gets Second Chance at Life

On June 3, a 7 month old male baby named Odhiambo was brought to the health center in a semi-catatonic state. The child had accidentally been fed a highly concentrated insecticide, which was mistaken for cough syrup by the baby’s teenage mother. After consulting with physicians in the U.S., Milton and Fred Ochieng’ acted quickly [...]

Watoto Wabili – Two Babies

On May 28, 2010 the Lwala Community Alliance welcomed two 18 year old first time mothers on a Saturday morning: Millicent, a nearly silent struggler in one corner, and Maureen, a vigorous and loud laborer in the other. There was never better proof of the need for a larger space for deliveries, so RMHC’s support [...]