Updates from Kenya

Our mission is to build the capacity of the people of Lwala to advance their own comprehensive well-being.

Watch Our Staff Housing Expand in Lwala

In addition to our hospital expansion, we are also adding staff housing to provide our clinical staff living quarters close to the hospital so they can quickly respond to emergencies on nights and weekends. Thanks to all the individuals and our key partners — Ronald McDonald House Charities, Health eVillages, and Izumi Foundation — for making [...]

With Your Help, We’re Fighting the Cholera Outbreak and Making a Positive Impact

From Mercy Owuor, Deputy Program Director: One month ago, I wrote you about a possible cholera outbreak in Lwala due to wells running dry across our catchment area forcing water collection from a local river. Since that email, you have responded! THANK YOU! With your help, we have jumped into action to treat those coming [...]

Watch the Lwala Community Hospital Expand

In November, we broke ground on our hospital expansion in Lwala. We’re tracking the progress and will be posting photos here so that you too can follow the building. Thanks again to all the individuals and our key partners — Ronald McDonald House Charities, Health eVillages, and Izumi Foundation — for making this project possible. [...]

Vanderbilt Medical Student Recounts Time in Lwala

The midday sun beat down on our necks as we walked the red clay road through Kuna district. Obel, the director of public health, led the heterogeneous group of mzungu medical students and local community health workers through the village. A community health worker motioned to a home, and we stepped through the door into [...]

USAID’s NOPE features Lwala in national newsletter

This past year, Lwala Community Alliance, along with 9 other civil society organizations, received sub-contract funding from USAID and NOPE (National Organization of Peer Educators) on a institutional strengthening grant project known as Fanikisha. Specifically, Lwala partnered NOPE to enact a program called Tumalize Ukimwi (“Let’s Finish AIDS”). The primary objectives of Tumalize Ukimwi were [...]

Lwala Participates in Segal Family Foundation Annual Meeting in Tanzania

Last week, Executive Director James Nardella and Kenya Program Director Robert Kasambala traveled to Arusha, Tanzania to take part in a three-day meeting with our partner, Segal Family Foundation. Over 150 Segal Family Foundation partners participated in the collaborative and inspiring gathering. James Nardella moderated a panel on “Strategies for Reaching Underserved Populations” and a [...]

Ronald McDonald House Charities CEO visits Lwala

J.C. Gonzalez-Mendez, President & CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities, visited Lwala, Kenya this spring with his wife, Deborah. Mr. Gonzalez-Mendez visited Lwala to support the launch of Thrive thru 5. The Thrive thru 5 program will extend clinical services and community outreach efforts to children from conception up to age 5 in order to [...]


  • 2,593 Monthly Patient Visits

  • 429 2014 Babies Born

  • 1,200 Girls empowered

  • 180 Kenyans employed

  • 5,155 Students with Clean Water

  • 967 Patients on HIV Care

  • 1,234 Farmers Trained

  • 40 Student Scholarships

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