Wholeness of life in Lwala and Beyond

GlobeMed Student Reflects on 4 Weeks in Lwala

Written By: Hannah Peifer This summer, Hannah Peifer, a senior majoring in African Studies and Biology and member of GlobeMed at the University of Pennsylvania, spent four weeks in Lwala, along with fellow student Mane Williams. This GlobeMed chapter has partnered with Lwala Community Alliance since 2013 to fundraise and educate students about global health [...]

Reflections for Father’s Day

Written by: Managing Director JULIUS MBEYA Julius Mbeya is an advocate for social justice and believes that lasting change happens when communities develop and drive solutions to local problems. He believes that our lives are implicated in those of others and that the world would be a better place when justice and fairness reigns. He [...]

Letter from Milton Ochieng’

Dear Friends, At the end of March, my wife Laura and I traveled to Lwala with our daughters – 3.5-year-old Ma’lee and 1.5-year-old Madeleine. I was very excited to show my two little girls the place where I grew up. During this most recent trip, Ma’lee got sick with diarrhea. She spent about a week [...]

eReader Pilot Project Launched with Worldreader

In early February, more than 400 pupils and community members of rural North Kamagambo, Kenya, gathered at Kadianga Primary School for the launch of Lwala Community Alliance’s eReader pilot project. Among them was Fred Ochieng Ouko, a 12-year-old boy in Class 6 at Kadianga Primary. Fred is the sixth born in a family of nine [...]

Reflections on the New Lwala Hospital Laboratory

MERCY OBIERO, one of our laboratory technicians, recently shared her perspective on the new laboratory. Working in the new laboratory is very exciting. The rooms are spacious and can accommodate the equipment and personnel for quite advanced testing and diagnosis. We have a phlebotomy area that is separate from the main lab, a microbiology section, [...]

Lwala’s Community Health Workers Impacting Lives – One Mama at a Time

Steve Okong’o, one of our public health officers, recently shared this story of transformation about a mother in the Lwala community… No pregnant mother wishes to pass HIV to her unborn child. Deborah Achieng, an unskilled farm worker and mother of four children who had little understanding of the virus, is no different. Deborah first [...]

Babies Graduating from PMTCT Program Remain HIV Negative

Today, we celebrated with many of the HIV-exposed babies who recently graduated from our PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission) program — one year after birth, these children remain HIV NEGATIVE! This program is supported by our partners Blood:Water and FACES. “Getting to zero is no longer a dream, but in our reach and [...]

Watch Our Staff Housing Expand in Lwala

In addition to our hospital expansion, we are also adding staff housing to provide our clinical staff living quarters close to the hospital so they can quickly respond to emergencies on nights and weekends. Thanks to all the individuals and our key partners — Ronald McDonald House Charities, Health eVillages, and Izumi Foundation — for making [...]

Watch the Lwala Community Hospital Expand

In November 2014, we broke ground on our hospital expansion in Lwala. We’re tracking the progress and will be posting photos here so that you too can follow the building. Thanks again to all the individuals and our key partners — Ronald McDonald House Charities, Health eVillages, and Izumi Foundation — for making this project [...]