Wholeness of life in Lwala and Beyond


RMHC-logoRonald McDonald House Charities – At the beginning of 2014, Ronald McDonald House Charities joined Lwala to support “Thrive thru 5,” a program that will extend clinical services and community outreach efforts to children from conception up to age 5 in order to reduce under-5 mortality in the community by 50%. RMHC’s support of “Healthy Neighbor” in 2009 and “Safe Babies” in 2011 significantly increased the quality of and access to maternal and child health services in and around Lwala.

VUMC-logoVanderbilt University Medical Center – Vanderbilt has been a primary supporter of the efforts in Lwala since Milton and Fred Ochieng’ were Vanderbilt medical students. Lwala Community Alliance has made Vanderbilt its U.S. home and, each year, Lwala hosts Vanderbilt graduate students in an immersion course in Kenya and as interns in the U.S.

SFF logoSegal Family Foundation – A Lwala partner since 2009, Segal Family Foundation has created one of the largest networks of grassroots groups working in sub-Saharan Africa. SFF funding priorities include reproductive health and family planning, food security, and supporting youth in the transition from formal education to productive adulthood.

Planned-Parenthood-logoPlanned Parenthood Global – PP Global selected Lwala as an implementing partner on Closing the Gap, a program to extend access to quality family planning services in rural Kenya. With a particular emphasis on the provision of long term reversible methods, such as intrauterine devices and implants, the project provides contraceptive education and options to thousands of women and men in North Kamagambo. PP Global also supports a Youth Peer Provider (YPP) program in Lwala to recruit and deploy a cadre of youth health workers who are trained to reach their adolescent peers with sexual and reproductive health information and refer them to the health facility for services.

RMF_logo_1Real Medicine Foundation – A partner since 2008, Real Medicine Foundation supports a portion of medicine costs for children under 5, clinical staff salaries, some ambulance repairs and fuel, and hospital referral costs.

bwm-logoBlood:Water Mission – BWM is working to improve the quality and availability of comprehensive HIV/AIDS health care and support services for individuals living with HIV. This will be accomplished by building the skill level of Lwala Community Hospital staff to provide quality HIV services, funding the provision of clinical and psychosocial HIV services, and strengthening the Lwala Community Alliance as a Kenyan civil society organization. BWM has also supported efforts to reduce the prevalence of waterborne illnesses through providing WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) trainings, water infrastructure and sanitation facilities at local schools, and water catchment and piped water at the hospital.

GSBIGSBI/MILLER CENTER FOR SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Miller Center is the largest and most successful university-based social enterprise accelerator in the world. Founded in 1997, Miller Center is one of three Centers of Distinction at Santa Clara University, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Here we leverage this entrepreneurial spirit with the University’s Jesuit heritage of service to the poor and protection of the planet. More than half of the world’s people live in poverty. Social entrepreneurship addresses the root problems of poverty through the power of business and innovation to provide sustainable economic and social impact. Miller Center accelerates social entrepreneurship to end global poverty and protect the planet. The GSBI Accelerator program is a 10-month, mentored program for established social entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their businesses.

ISSROFF FAMILY FOUNDATION –  The Issroff Family Foundation was established in 2007 by David and Lisa Issroff with a focus on uplifting the lives of children and youth in order to realize their full potential in Southern & Eastern Africa, New York, and Israel. IFF collaborates with grantee partners to increase access to education, encourage entrepreneurship, and foster opportunity. 

DIORAPHTE FOUNDATION –  The Dioraphte Foundation (Stichting Dioraphte) is a Dutch charitable fund that supports charities in six countries: the Netherlands, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Malawi. In 2014, 192 projects were awarded a total of twelve million euros. The Dioraphte Foundation has been active since 2002.

MORRIS FAMILY FOUNDATION – The mission of the Morris Family Foundation is to support the growth of innovative, effective educational practices. We support education in its broadest definition; i.e., the transmission of information. They support projects centered on learners across the lifespan. Projects may take place in traditional school-based settings, or may take the form of vocational education, distance learning or the transmission of cultural information. We are particularly interested in supporting underserved populations and creative uses of technology. They envision a way for educators to free themselves from traditional funding streams, which are generally averse to risk. They seek to provide one-time seed grants to innovative projects which may not otherwise get off the ground. Ideally, grantees will assist in building an infrastructure to support an ongoing project. They believe that a good idea + good people + good leadership leads to positive change.

CHILD RELIEF INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION –  Child Relief International Foundation is a private foundation focused on helping the poorest people in the poorest countries.

BOHEMIAN FOUNDATION –  Bohemian Foundation is a private family foundation established in 2001. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Bohemian Foundation works to empower citizens and impact communities through its responsive grant making programs and special initiatives. Bohemian Foundation provides management support for Give Next.

Government-of-KenyaKenya Government – The Lwala Community Alliance works hand in hand with the appropriate ministries within the Kenya government. The Kenyan Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Health, support Lwala with training, drug subsidy, and supervision. The Ministry of Education is our primary partner in our school interventions at 15 area public schools.

DIGDevelopment in Gardening – DIG works to improve the nutrition and health of HIV-affected and at-risk populations through sustainable gardening. A fellow Segal Family Foundation partner, DIG has worked with Lwala to train local farmers in organic agriculture techniques and to begin permaculture practices at area primary schools.

Together-for-GirlsTogether for Girls – In partnership with national governments, civil society and the private sector, Together for Girls brings attention to the issue of sexual violence against girls in support of country driven efforts for change. TFG supports gender-based violence programming in Lwala through mentoring clubs for girls.

Health-eVillagesHealth eVillages – Health eVillages, a program of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, provides mobile health technology including medical reference resources to medical professionals in global communities. In Lwala, they have provided iPods and iPads loaded with the Skyscape medical reference app to clinicians and community health workers and are supporting our hospital expansion, which will include additional in-patient space, rooms for well-child and prenatal visits, a new laboratory and on-site housing for clinical staff.

KEF-logo1Kenya Education Fund – KEF is dedicated to providing disadvantaged students in Kenya the educational support and resources necessary to enable them to contribute fully to the growth of their country and to the global community. Each year, KEF selects 10 students from Lwala to sponsor throughout secondary school.

Harpeth-HallHarpeth Hall – Harpeth Hall is an independent, private all-girls college preparatory school (grades 5-12) in Nashville, TN. Harpeth Hall is the primary funder of the Girls Uniform Project to provide school uniforms to 1,100 girls in classes 6-8 in 13 local primary schools.

Thistle-Farms-logoThistle Farms – Thistle Farms is a social enterprise in which women who have survived lives of prostitution, trafficking, addiction and life on the streets make, package, and market natural bath and body products to sell in over 200 retail outlets, including Whole Foods. The women’s sewing cooperative in Lwala sews the bags in which the Thistle Farms products are packaged.

johnson-johnson-logoJohnson & Johnson – Johnson & Johnson supports “Salama Pamoja,” our girls mentoring program which empowers girls to be agents of their own safety and success through mentoring clubs and and vocational opportunities. The primary goals of Salama Pamoja include gender parity in primary school completion and the reduction of factors that make girls vulnerable to unintended pregnancies and violence. Johnson & Johnson previously supported our Girls Education and Pads Program.

BDBD – BD is a global medical technology company with offices in 50 countries that manufactures and sells a broad range of medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products. BD currently provides grant funding for “Salama Pamoja,” our girls mentoring program that aims to achieve gender parity in primary school completion and reduces factors that make girls vulnerable to unintended pregnancies and violence. BD also generously provided Lwala with a CD4 machine to test HIV clients at our hospital.

A to Z Impact Foundation – The A to Z Impact Foundation supports high-potential initiatives to help underserved populations access and improve the systems they need to live healthier, more prosperous lives.

izumi-med-logoIZUMI Foundation – The IZUMI Foundation provides resources to organizations that share its commitment to delivering lasting, cost-effective improvements that build local health care capacity. In June 2014, the IZUMI Foundation awarded Lwala Community Alliance a grant to expand hospital infrastructure for outpatient services for children and adults and construct additional staff housing for clinical providers.

Imago Dei logoImago Dei Fund – Imago Dei partners with Lwala Community Alliance to provide support for the Girls Education and Pads Program. Through the distribution of pad kits to local school girls, the program aims to increase school attendance and completion, knowledge of sexual and reproductive health, and the annual earnings of the tailors in the women’s sewing group due to the production of the kits.

TJ Meyer logoT&J Meyer Family Foundation – T&J Meyer Family Foundation’s mission is to alleviate human suffering through effective and sustainable grantmaking and investing, primarily focusing on health, education and the environment. In 2015, T&J Meyer is providing support for our general program operations.

Charitable Foundation logoWeyerhaeuser Family Foundation – Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation supports Salama Pamoja, a girls mentoring program to reduce vulnerability to unplanned pregnancy and HIV and improve their access to social and health services. This is accomplished through engaging girls through holiday break activities, creating safe spaces for adolescent girls and boys to talk about sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and access SRH services, and building self-agency and economic capacity of adolescent mothers to reduce vulnerability to added risk.

Charitable Foundation logoThe ELMA Foundation – The ELMA Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of Africa’s children and youth through the support of sustainable efforts to relieve poverty, advance education, and promote health. In 2015, ELMA is providing support us as we scale up the delivery of integrated under five and HIV/PMTCT healthcare through facility based and community outreach in North Kamagambo.

Charitable Foundation logoKangu – Kangu is an online crowd-funding platform, which raises funds for safe births including healthcare services before, during and after delivery. Kangu began partnering with us in 2015. They feature profiles of pregnant women in Lwala on their website in order to help them access our maternal and child health programs. CLICK HERE to learn more.

education-for-all-childrenEducation for All Children – EFAC provides scholarships, mentoring, and global connections to exceptional students in developing countries in order to encourage leadership, economic progress, cultural understanding, and a more peaceful world. EFAC selected several secondary students each year from Lwala to sponsor throughout secondary school and university.

world-readerWorldreader – In February 2016, we launched an eReader pilot project with WorldReader in Class 6 at three government school. The 150 eReaders — each with more than 100 books — are changing the face of learning in the community.

thistle-farms-globalThistle Farms Global: Shared Trade – In 2015, our New Vision Women’s Sewing Cooperative partnered with Thistle Farms Global: Shared Trade to create a variety of products including aprons, tea satchels, and Christmas ornaments.

Past Partners

Watsi-LogoWatsi – Through their crowd-sourcing model, Watsi connects people with patients around the world in serious need of low-cost medical care. Watsi features profiles of pregnant women, mothers, and new babies in Lwala on their website in order to help them access our maternal and child health programs.

Charitable Foundation logoThe Charitable Foundation – The Charitable Foundation is equipping the Lwala Community Hospital’s expanded clinical space with supplies and equipment as well as human resources in order to meet the demand for quality health services and support our “Thrive thru 5” initiative – an all-out effort to cut under-5 mortality in half by the end of 2016.

Kiva logoKiva ZIP – In collaboration with Kiva ZIP, Lwala provides loans to individuals so that they can obtain financial security through micro-enterprise ventures. Sine 2013, 61 loans have been endorsed, totaling nearly $11,000, with a 95% repayment rate.

Charitable Foundation logoThe Conservation, Food & Health Foundation – The Conservation, Food & Health Foundation supports “Better Breaks,” a program that aims to reduce the dual vulnerabilities for unplanned pregnancy and HIV infection among adolescents during school holiday breaks. Specifically, Better Breaks builds the self-agency of teens through youth-led activities during school breaks and creates safe spaces for teens to discuss sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and access SRH services.

nope-usaid-vertNOPE/USAID – Through a partnership with NOPE and USAID, Lwala enhanced uptake of HIV prevention through behavior change, improved uptake of quality clinical care services among adults and children, and strengthened the capacity of health care workers for effective delivery of HIV services in Migori County.

Population-Council-logoPopulation Council – The Population Council conducts biomedical, social science, and public health research and disseminates evidence to shape more effective policies, programs, and technologies that improve lives around the world. With Together for Girls, the Council supported Lwala to implement gender-based violence programming through mentoring, clubs for out-of-school girls, and teacher and staff training.

Riders-for-HealthRiders for Health – Riders for Health works to ensure health workers in sub-Saharan Africa can access reliable transportation to reach people with health care. In Lwala, Riders for Health serviced 2 motorcycles and 1 ambulance, by providing ongoing maintenance, fuel, and insurance for these vehicles.