Sons of Lwala

Our mission is to build the capacity of the people of Lwala to advance their own comprehensive well-being.

Sons of Lwala

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The documentary “Sons of Lwala” follows our founders, Milton and Fred Ochieng’ on their journey from their home village of Lwala, Kenya to medical school in the United States, and back home to build Lwala’s first health clinic.

Barry Simmons was a local television reporter in Nashville, Tennessee when he met Milton over coffee one day in December 2005. By the second cup he began to consider leaving his job to see where Milton’s story would lead. Two years of unemployment, hundreds of video tapes, one night in a Kenyan jail, and cases of ramen noodles later, Barry had directed and produced the full length documentary “Sons of Lwala,” which tells Milton and Fred’s story from the inception of their father’s dream, through their mother and father’s deaths, to the opening day of the Ochieng’ Memorial Lwala Community Health Center.

We would love to help you show the film in your community. Please visit our Host a Screening page for more information.


  • 98% HIV-exposed infants testing HIV negative at 18 mo

  • 300% Increase in family planning since 2011

  • 89% Access to improved sanitation

  • 30% Decrease in under-5 child deaths

  • 5,155 Students with Clean Water

  • 1,107 Patients on HIV Care

  • 1,234 Farmers Trained

  • 30,000 Total patient visits in 2015

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