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Village Voices

Leah’s Story from Lwala Community Alliance on Vimeo.

Leah has been a long-time beneficiary of Lwala Community Alliance in many regards.  As an HIV-positive woman who is also suffering from TB, she regularly participates in the HIV support programs, receives her ARVs from the hospital, and is treated for opportunistic infections that result from her condition.  Not one to hide in the corner because of her status, Leah has been outspoken in the community about living with HIV including encouraging people to be tested to learn their status and advocating good hygiene practices for people living with HIV as a WASH Trainer-of-Trainers (TOT). Through the WASH training, Leah became instrumental in starting up a group that is currently making liquid soap and disinfectant at the hospital for sale to villagers, schools, and other facilities.

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